Demand on the store of toxic chemicals in Shuakhevi

The employees of Shuakhevi Informational-Consultative Service Center met with the residents of Uchamba community. They talked about the current situation regarding to the agriculture in the municipality and about the solutions for the existing problems.

While looking around the crops of farmers, specialists have discovered that some plants are not enough resistant against the pests and diseases without preventive treatment against them by farmers. In the consequence of it, some plants have been more or less infected.

Vegetables (cucumber, tomato) and potato plants have been especially infected, which also was supported by the environmental conditions. The dissemination areas of Phytophthora, Bacterioze and Mildew diseases have been noticed in the crops and farmers have been provided with the appropriate consultations regarding to the usage of preventive measures against the diseases by the consultants.

Residents of Uchamba community demand to open the store for plant protection products and mineral fertilizers in Shuakhevi municipality. According to the Agro Service Center Specialists the opening of above mentioned store will make their advices more effective for farmers, because residents will be able to buy poisonous chemicals in the municipality.